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We meet all your needs for charging stations for electric vehicles

Rematek Energie is a leading supplier / installer of ChargePoint and Elmec EvDuty charging stations in North America. We offer a turnkey service for all your transportation electrification projects. Whether it's workplaces, commercial buildings, apartments / condominiums, vehicle fleets, retail businesses or cities / municipalities, we'll make sure you have a customer service experience. incomparable. 

Rematek holds all licenses required to install charging stations. Over the years, Rematek has gained unquestionable credibility through the realization of large scale renewable energy projects. Whether residential, commercial or government: we are shining the market for electric vehicles. With this new division, Rematek continues to grow with quality products and services.

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NO. 5733-7008-01



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Rematek Energie

8975 Henri-Bourassa W 

Saint-Laurent Quebec H4S 1P7

100 Walnut street
Champlain, New York, USA 12919

Tel 1-514-333-6414

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