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We offer 2 solutions:

The charging station installation plan for a condominium or multifamily EV depends on the location of the electricity meter.


A) Is the electricity meter accessible near the parking spaces?

B) Does the circuit breaker panel have the available and sufficient capacity for the terminal power supply?

SOLUTION 1 - Access to electrical meter

For a simple installation by the co-owner, we recommend choosing the solution that allows to power a charging station directly from a source of electricity belonging to the co-owner. Thus, he will be billed directly for the electricity consumption of its terminal by its supplier.


When the meters are accessible near the parking spaces, we recommend as a solution the installation of DCC Condo, an electrical component installed at the same time as the EV charger.

It is the ideal solution for condominiums or appartements less than 24 units.


Allows to bill all electrical recharge directly to the co-owner's residential electric account.

All costs of the installation are paid directly by the co-owner.

The system automatically manages the available energy and protects the main power supply of a condo by ensuring that it never exceeds 80% of the capacity of the main circuit breaker.


Can power any type of level 2 charging station.

Note: Home EV Charger not included.


compteurs accessibles.jpg

SOLUTION 2 - No access to electrical meter

When the meter is not accessible near the parking spaces, we recommend installation of network charging stations. 


Although electric vehicle charging stations offer clear benefits to co-owners / residents, property managers and boards of directors, always choose based on parking, infrastructure, electricity requirements and billing.

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One to one Charger


Where do I install EV charging stations?

Appropriate for parking situations where residents have assigned parking spots, as it allows residents to charge right where they park.

Who can use them?

Stations can be easily managed and assigned to residents quickly. Residents gain peace of mind, knowing their chargers are always available.

How should I structure pricing?

A complete billing solution lets residents pay for their own charging, plus have access controls that ensure others cannot use their chargers while they are away. Drivers can sign up for affordable month-to- month service that includes less station maintenance and 24/7 support.

Community Charging
community charging.jpg

Where do I install EV charging stations?

Ideal for properties with shared, mixed-use or valet parking environments, as it offers EV drivers a place to charge in a common parking area.

Who can use them?

Charging station access can be restricted to residents only, or extended to guests and the public.

To increase utilization and accommodate your community, set a fair EV charging policy.

How should I structure pricing?

Administration and Board can set access controls and pricing policies to promote sharing among residents and optimize station utilization. In order to get a return on investment, pricing policies and charge fees can be set based on time, session or electricity usage (kWh). 


Note: From our point of view, this is an essential White Paper that all multi family managers or condo board members should read. 


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