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For EV Drivers

Long-range electric vehicles (more than 200 km), such as the Chevy Bolt EV, Tesla Model 3 and many other models will make long-distance EV travel practical. While Level 2 charging works in cities where drivers travel most of the time, EV drivers on long journeys want to take a break and refuel and then get back on their feet.


This means businesses along major highways need to deploy next-generation, high-speed DC charging systems that can add hundreds of kilometers in 15 minutes or less. The fast charging centers minimize downtime on long journeys and meet the needs of drivers by being located at regular intervals and close to amenities such as restaurants, shops and places with WiFi, offering drivers something to do during the day. 


For transport company and corporate fleet

Buses and trucks need ultra-fast DC. Because they are economical to use and able to reduce pollution and noise, buses and electric service trucks are being used more and more. These vehicles are equipped with high capacity batteries requiring a high power DC load, so they are always ready for everyday tasks. Traditional diesel heavy commercial vehicles such as municipal buses and service trucks are being replaced by EV's, reducing costs and emissions. These vehicles often have predictable routes and the depots where they are stored can be reloaded.

Heavy duty vehicles have high capacity batteries because they require more energy to move than passenger vehicles. This requires fast DC charging at power levels well above 50 kW, up to 200 kW and higher as battery technology evolves.

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